Protesting is easy. Finding a solution? Not so much…

17 Oct


Hello folks! How are you? I’m okay, thanks for asking.

So the past two months or so I haven’t posted anything. Life happens.
Today I want to discuss something and I would love to hear your opinions/views/takes on this.
As we have seen over the past few months, the world is starting to get angry. Not just the usual mumbling-under-the-hand and shaking-the-fist-at-the-sky angry. I’m talking about full-fledged outrage and indignation. People are angry at the System™, angry at politics/politicians, angry at capitalism and slave wages and/or unemployment. They’re angry at the way we are treating our environment and angry at the way the world is run in general.

There has been protesting. The London riots of a few months back was a precursor to what we have seen recently, with fresh protesting globally and a good old fashioned riot in Italy, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement being the catalyst/instigator of the global protesting of the past weekend.
Now, the reasons for these protests vary widely but at the core, it seems to me that everyone is angered by the System™/Capitalism. Soon to be debt defaults abound in the Eurozone and things in general are just not looking too great. People are angry.

I get it. I’m angry too. The thing is though, how can one completely change or, in the least, adjust the way our world/System™/Capitalism works? How can one disenfranchise money? How will this transition from world with money to world with alternate form of resource distribution take place? How will economics work? How will resource distribution work? How will I work? How will you work?
As you can see, getting rid of the System™ raises a lot of questions, the abovementioned being only the tip of an Everest-sized iceberg.

My point is: protesting is easy. You take a piece of cardboard, write a catchy chant on it, then walk down the street and make a bit of a racket, chanting said chant, with the option of burning cars and robbing street vendors if you feel so inclined. What isn’t easy is coming up with a solution to our problem.

Yup, OUR problem.
Believe it or not, one day the world’s problems will come a’knocking on our doors, maybe sooner than one would be inclined to believe. Yes, even those of you (myself included) who want to go on with your merry lives and let someone else take the wheel while you go fishing, you too will experience humanity’s bothersome cry for help.  

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about the abovementioned topic. It is relevant and it is interesting; it is also unfortunately essential. WE need to come up with a solution. Not some guy with a few gold ingots in his safe and alternate motives and hidden agendas up his sleeve. Politicians can’t take care of it, they’re not trained to deal with impending global disaster. They are trained to speak well and drink tea with their pinkies up.
This problem has to be dealt with from the ground up and I plan to be part of the solution.

What I want you to do is think and then tell me and others what you think. Post it on my blog. Post it on your blog. Post it on someone else’s blog. Put it on your facebook status update. Put it on your twitter feed. Do whatever it takes, I don’t care what it is but begin this discussion. Humanity needs it and although it is absolutely galling to admit, we are all part of humanity.

Now start up that brain machine of yours and start thinking!!!

P.S. Don’t post anything stupid. You’ll be embarrassing yourself. No mindless ranting either, this is a discussion not a who-can-use-the-most-capital-letters-in-a-sentence contest.


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2 responses to “Protesting is easy. Finding a solution? Not so much…

  1. Scott

    October 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    You’re right on…hmm..the money…(maybe not the best term to use in this economic climate!) about coming up with solutions. I don’t have the answers. I DO know I don’t like what I see and hear out there. I consider the Obama Administration and the Democrats, in general, to be opportunists. Nothing more. I know you can say that about most every politician. But they seem to have elevated it to an art form. Demonizing those that ‘have’ is not the answer. They have made this the centerpiece of the party along with the President making it his focal point for re-election. As long as the ‘have nots’ can be placated with promises combined with lies that their situation is due to the misdeeds of someone else, NOTHING will change. The United States is a nation built upon opportunity and focused effort. Liberal thinking has perverted that notion into something evil and something to despise. Simply because it just isn’t fair that one person has something you do not. I’m sorry. I’ll never subscribe to that theory. It’s been said before, but it still rings true. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for YOUR life. Not the “rich”…not Wall Street…not the government. I realize that sort of thinking is not in vogue but I will always believe that!

    • rolo1234

      October 18, 2011 at 8:21 am

      Scott, I agree with you. Each person is responsible for their own actions,their own life. What goes on in American politics? I don’t have the feintest idea. I know people are starting to gear up for ‘political slog fest 2012’ and that Obama is considered to be outgunned, but other than that I don’t know much. What I do know, is that the USA isn’t the only country suffering from mismanagement and unemployment. In fact I’d go as far as to say that at least 75% of the global consensus is that that their government and economy isn’t up to scratch. The thing is, once people start realising that blaming something or someone doesn’t get any results they wil resort to rioting and looting. This is no way to get results. There are literally hundreds of thousands of intelligent people in this world that have the skills and expertise to make light of the situation we are currently facing. A solution is out there. People have to pool their resources to come up with the solution though, and the fact is most people are so immersed in their own struggle that they ignore the fact that everyone else out there is struggling too.
      People have to stop waving their pickets and start thinking. It is the only way forward. Take the matters of the world into your own hands, take responsibilty for your actions and stop blaming everything else.
      Finding someone/something to blame doesn’t solve a problem it just shifts the problem onto someone else’s shoulders.


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