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Protesting is easy. Finding a solution? Not so much…


Hello folks! How are you? I’m okay, thanks for asking.

So the past two months or so I haven’t posted anything. Life happens.
Today I want to discuss something and I would love to hear your opinions/views/takes on this.
As we have seen over the past few months, the world is starting to get angry. Not just the usual mumbling-under-the-hand and shaking-the-fist-at-the-sky angry. I’m talking about full-fledged outrage and indignation. People are angry at the System™, angry at politics/politicians, angry at capitalism and slave wages and/or unemployment. They’re angry at the way we are treating our environment and angry at the way the world is run in general.

There has been protesting. The London riots of a few months back was a precursor to what we have seen recently, with fresh protesting globally and a good old fashioned riot in Italy, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement being the catalyst/instigator of the global protesting of the past weekend.
Now, the reasons for these protests vary widely but at the core, it seems to me that everyone is angered by the System™/Capitalism. Soon to be debt defaults abound in the Eurozone and things in general are just not looking too great. People are angry.

I get it. I’m angry too. The thing is though, how can one completely change or, in the least, adjust the way our world/System™/Capitalism works? How can one disenfranchise money? How will this transition from world with money to world with alternate form of resource distribution take place? How will economics work? How will resource distribution work? How will I work? How will you work?
As you can see, getting rid of the System™ raises a lot of questions, the abovementioned being only the tip of an Everest-sized iceberg.

My point is: protesting is easy. You take a piece of cardboard, write a catchy chant on it, then walk down the street and make a bit of a racket, chanting said chant, with the option of burning cars and robbing street vendors if you feel so inclined. What isn’t easy is coming up with a solution to our problem.

Yup, OUR problem.
Believe it or not, one day the world’s problems will come a’knocking on our doors, maybe sooner than one would be inclined to believe. Yes, even those of you (myself included) who want to go on with your merry lives and let someone else take the wheel while you go fishing, you too will experience humanity’s bothersome cry for help.  

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about the abovementioned topic. It is relevant and it is interesting; it is also unfortunately essential. WE need to come up with a solution. Not some guy with a few gold ingots in his safe and alternate motives and hidden agendas up his sleeve. Politicians can’t take care of it, they’re not trained to deal with impending global disaster. They are trained to speak well and drink tea with their pinkies up.
This problem has to be dealt with from the ground up and I plan to be part of the solution.

What I want you to do is think and then tell me and others what you think. Post it on my blog. Post it on your blog. Post it on someone else’s blog. Put it on your facebook status update. Put it on your twitter feed. Do whatever it takes, I don’t care what it is but begin this discussion. Humanity needs it and although it is absolutely galling to admit, we are all part of humanity.

Now start up that brain machine of yours and start thinking!!!

P.S. Don’t post anything stupid. You’ll be embarrassing yourself. No mindless ranting either, this is a discussion not a who-can-use-the-most-capital-letters-in-a-sentence contest.


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Cyclists, Lunchboxes and Walkways

Everyone is starting to live healthier. There are more people buying Woolies organic food than ever before and the number of cyclists that get in my way as I drive into town has multiplied threefold. Obesity rates in South Africa, as in the rest of the world, started rising since the introduction of the fast food restaurant in the 90’s and is still a problem throughout the country, but I’m sure if someone does a study they would find that obesity figures have dropped in the Western Cape. The days of: “Oh boy! Mum remembered Melrose” are over and the era of “Oh boy! Mum remembered the roasted pumpkin seed roll with carrots and cherry tomatoes” is being ushered in. The other day I walked by my old high school and saw a kid eating a Ryevita with what I’m now sure was low fat cottage cheese, tomato and cucumber. I can promise you that if I opened my lunchbox to find that inside of it, my mother would not have survived the repercussions. It sounds like I’m bashing healthy food, I am not. I can just imagine how disappointed that poor kid must have been on opening that usually wondrous receptacle of nutrition. Also, the reason there are so many cycling accidents of late isn’t because people have started driving badly all of a sudden, people have always driven badly; it’s because there are so many more cyclists on our roads. This is why everyone is driving around with ThinkBike stickers on their cars, spreading the awareness of cyclists on the roads, a reminder to all drivers to keep out a watchful eye. This is all good and well but I think someone should print a sticker for the other side of the coin, a ThinkCar sticker, because I’ll be damned if I haven’t seen a few near accidents where the driver of the car didn’t have anything to do with said incident, but I digress…

The new City Of Cape Town cycle and walk-way from Bloubergstrand to Cape Town Harbour is looking splendid and I think the people of the Western Cape can give themselves a pat on the back for trying to stay fit and keep healthy, it is a hard thing to start doing and even harder to maintain, but I think we are fighting the battle against obesity well.

So, people of the Western Cape, I salute you.

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Monkeys, Old men and Education.

People are strange. Yes, I went there.
Welcome, this is the viewsfromhereblog.
I shall be talking now. Feel free to read.

Today I read an article about how a community in an informal settlement West of Johannesburg  in South Africa (this is where I live) stoned and then proceeded to burn a vervet monkey to death. Guess what the reason was.
No? Okay. Here it is…
It was talking to people, so they thaught this was a good indication that it was a witch. Hence the stoning and scorching. Oh and the police shot at it…
The first thing that came to my mind was: You have a talking monkey! You could make millions off television shows alone, not to mention merchandising and ad billboards everywhere. I’d call him Geoffrey. Most importantly we could understand monkeys better, we could learn their language, experience their culture and mate with their women. Okay, maybe not the last bit, but you catch my drift.

The second thing that came to mind was what the !@#$ these poeple where on, to make them all simultaneously think that the monkey could talk in the first place!? You know what, I bet that it was just some old, glue sniffing madman that scrambled out of his shack and stepped on the monkey’s tail. The ensuing screech was misunderstood for language, he tells everyone about his encounter and bam! mass hysteria ensues. I once saw a woman talk to four pidgeons for fifteen minutes, apparently they were debating about whether or not she should vote. It was very interesting to watch and it seemed  that the pidgeons raised some valid points because towards the end  of the debate she sort of shouted at them and stormed away with quite some indignaton, but I digress.

My point is, everything is about perspective. That old coot and the rest of his community absolutely and unequivocally believed that this humble vervet monkey could talk. This was strange, scary and some would even say unprecedented, which left a hollow itchy feeling in their stomachs and so they decided to do the human thing and kill it. Notice the missing ‘e’ and how that one letter makes all the difference. Moving on…

Now I’m not saying they were right; they were absolutely wrong in every sense of the word, but I do sort of understand where they are coming from. These are some of the least educated people in the world, they don’t understand anything. Imagine how frustrating that must be, to not understand most of what is going on around you. I’d probably also kill the monkey. People need to be educated to change their mindset, it’s as simple as that. The government in South Africa is not doing enough to educate people. Our corrupt officials spend our tax money on shopping sprees in Dubai and nice private jets whilst the poor suffer. 

Ha, just kidding, everything here is fine…

P.S. If anyone does ever find a real talking monkey you may send it to me. I wonder if Geoffrey could teach other monkeys to talk…

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